Sir Chromalot
Behind The Scenes
It has been said that I'm always right, and this time I am.

Sir Chromalot would NOT have made the audition without the extra help we received from so many:

MIKE ELLITHORN Managing Director Scantruck LTD
For your unprecedented support and encouragement.


Spent many late nights with Dave developing and making Sir Chromalot function. He donated his own personal drill and has got the handle to prove it. He is a true star and a major contributor to the project, seeing it through from the very beginning.

Dave's brother in-law, offered his services, and found himself a key player. It is truly amazing how many people gave up their time to assist.

DAVE WILLIAMS and another STEVE SMITH (Carrot) from Alchrist Engineering made amongst other things, the Motor Mountings.

The WIVES, GIRLFRIENDS and CHILDREN who mucked in or also lost sleep over this project; A Very Special Thankyou.

DON & STEVE LANG for their generosity and support. I'll bet they have never seen tools used in this way before!!!

KEVIN & MICK from R&T Auto Electrics for sorting the 30 relays that went into Sir Chromalot.


This bloke Shot for England, now reduced to staying up until 4am in the morning practising Gynaecology on a wheel hub.
Smith had come to the conclusion that Sir's electrics would not be ready for the audition. Andy, armed with a fresh mind and tons of enthusiasm got stuck in and finished Sir off and all whilst Smith wandered around like a headless Chicken for 3 days and nights, Way to go ANDY !!!!!!!!!! Thanks Mate.


Yet another STEVE KINNINGS (there's lots of us about) this time from S&T Engineering, responsible for the manufacture of Sir's own wheel hubs, not to mention the poor chap (unknown) that is missing his wheels from his tool chest!!!

SIMON HORROBIN of Tanker & General for his specialist alloy welding and attention to detail.

JOHN ANSELL of Scantruck for Sir's shimmering Chrome Alloy wheel hub.

JOHN BROWN of Active Security for Sir's Power supply.

of Rhombus Castors Ltd who has kept Sir Chromealot in full traction with their wheels and tyres. This company could not have been more helpful. They have a massive selection of wheels, A must for us Roboteers!!!

MIKE BIRD of Dewalt Drills for Sir's high Kila-Newton driving force.
DANNY BONE Innovation Manager of Dewalt Drills for his inexhaustible supply of spares and high power knowledge. Thanks and good luck with your own Robot

DAVID HALES from Makita Tools for the weapon power.

PAUL CONNOLLY and JOHN DENNIS of Keyway Locks for providing all the spit and polish needed to keep Sir gleaming and bright.

DAVE BLACKHURST of Fairview Engineering
Mobile Engineering supplies of Nuts, Bolts,,, Screws,,,,,, Washers,,,,,,,
and now even Robot Batteries!!!

TIM MACKINTOSH of Tosh UK LTD Normally, a supplier of mobile telephones with aerials that won't catch fire, break, get ground off, bend and wouldn't suffer from axe attacks!!!!

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