Sir Chromalot
ON Test
So, just how does one test a lorry wheel hub?
We were fast running out of time and needed a fast and definite way of knowing Sir Chromalot could not be broken. Dave our chief problem solver tried a pick axe,,,,,


Smith was impressed, but Merrill, our team captain was unmoved and ordered a full road test.
'Well he was suffering from sun stroke'

You may be thinking that us Hub Nuts don't get on, further from the truth you couldn't be,,,,,

Huddled together Andy sporting the yellow T shirt with Smith behind and Dave in shorts with Ian,,, ,, ,,, , Hang on, I count three bare legs,,,, I don't know what Ian had on. Needless to say Merrill again ordered a full road test.

And he got it.

Carnage at a busy junction as Sir Chromalot directs traffic!!!
And yes, we left before the Police arrived.

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