Sir Chromalot
"Gate yar pay-par Ear"

Sir Chromalot


Chromalot's Audition


All went well at the audition
on Sunday 30 May 99. The team arrived on time and in good shape. Chromalot was let out of the car boot and went to be weighed in. After having a couple of mug shots taken and just one and a half kilos to spare, it was time for the scrutinising of Chromalot. The 'dead mans switch' and fail-safes were rigorously tested. Then came the best bit, the test drive. Ramps, walls, metal bollards, a ball and a goal were just some of the obstacles to negotiate. The first job was to knock a ball,

not a wall, a BALL into the goal. After a few KIND words from the team captain, who explained the difference between a wall and a ball to Smith, (the hard of hearing driver), the ball was pushed into the goal leaving the wall demolished and the Hub Nuts inventing a new form of sign language.
A figure of eight and a ramp later, Chromalot was done and returned to the boot of the car. The Hub Nuts then went for a cup of coffee and to chat with the other Roboteers.

Today police are launching an investigation into a major pile up at a busy road junction.
Eye-witness reports confirm that an unidentified robot may have caused the accident.
Police are looking for three men dressed in dinner jackets.



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